Artwork / File Setup Instructions for Custom Print Fabric

Welcome to our Pattern/Image Uploader Tool. You can upload most standard image types, and arrange them in various configurations and sizes, and see an instant preview of how your fabric will look.
Step 1: Upload your image. Ensure that you have read all the instructions below about Artwork Setup requirements.
Step 2: Select your repeat options and pattern size. The default repeat option is “Standard Grid” where you image is repeated continuously in a grid. Pattern Size will appear at its original dimensions. If you want to increase or decrease the original size, you may do so by clicking the up and down arrow buttons labelled “LARGER” and “SMALLER”. Be aware that your image quality may be reduced once its size is increased.
Step 3: Choose your fabric base, or save your work for later.

See Fabric Bases

Any of these formats can be uploaded.


Maximum file size is 40MB. The larger the file, the longer it will take to upload and process.

The recommended image resolution is 150DPI(Dots Per Inch). Resolutions lower than this may result in a reduced image quality.

If your image resolution is higher or lower than this, please enter the “CUSTOM DPI” value to ensure the image appears at the correct size. The image size is set according to the DPI you enter (default is 150DPI), so for example an image that is 1000px X 500px @ 150dpi will be 16.93cm x 8.47cm. If we changed the “CUSTOM DPI” to 300DPI, we would change the image size to 8.47cm X 4.23cm.

The image preview will reflect the size that your image will be printed as, so if you’re happy with the size that is on the preview, you won’t need to worry about changing DPIs.

We recommend using the RGB colour mode for your images. The printed result will be closest to the colours you see on your screen, but different monitors can look different, so we recommend always purchasing a sample of your fabric first. To purchase a sample, simply follow the 3 steps, and at step 3, click the box that says “SAMPLE ONLY”. The sample price of the chosen fabric base will appear automatically.

Please ensure that your artwork design is setup without any borders or lines that you don’t want in your artwork. You should zoom in to ensure there are no pixel lines around the edges that you don’t want, as these may appear on the final print.

If you are using the “STANDARD GRID” repeat option (repeated horizontally and vertically in a grid), please ensure that your pattern is seamless. Other Repeat Options may not require a seamless pattern setup, but you will want to ensure that the resulting pattern connects up the way you want it to, without any unwanted lines or gaps in the pattern.

Maximum recommended width is 140cm for text and details, though we can print up to 150cm.

If none of this makes sense to you, please contact us as our textile designer can easily set this up for you.

Enquire about Textile Design

We have a large range of fabric bases available. Your custom pattern can be printed on any of our fabric bases. You can choose your fabric base at Step 3.

See Fabric Bases
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