Plain Custom Colour Fabric


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Fabric Base

Chiffon $13.35/m, Comfortex $12.8/m, Duralinen (Upholstery) $35/m, Duralinen Blockout $40/m, Duraspun $19/m, Olympic Spandex $18.80/m, Panama $12.30/m, Satin Charmeuse $14.55/m, Satin Deluxe $11/m, Satin Dutchess $14.50/m, Textured Gabardine $14.80/m, Voile $9.95/m, Waratah $16.55/m, Comfortex $30.25/m, Georgette $14.50/m, Hydrasol (peached-surface) $16.50/m, Matte Faille-Crepe $16/m, Matte Spandex $26.8/m, Memory Flag Fabric $14.80/m, Midnight (Blockout Curtain) $25/m, Ponte Stretch $25/m, Ribone Upholstery $30/m, Suede (Upholstery) $42.50/m, Triplerise Hydra (boardies) $33.60/m

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